J. L. Williams "Capasso" is a retired Navy veteran, aerospace entrepreneur, inventor and artist currently residing in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. He is originally from Kankakee, Illinois and served in the US Navy for 24 years as a naval aircrewman onboard the P-3C Orion aircraft. In addition to his art career, he is a Production Support Engineering Manager at Quest Aircraft.

His travels have given him a unique world perspective that he draws his inspiration from. He is married to the lovely Leilani Williams from Hawaii and they have 5 adult children. Jeff is very much interested in adventure, travel and painting. He enjoys secluded, exotic locations that few have a chance to visit. He goes by the name of "Capasso" for his art because of his love of Italian culture and his favorite subject, slightly abstracted Italian landscapes.

In his art, his tastes and styles vary greatly. He has experimented in cubism, futurism, abstract expressionism, impressionism and realism. He favors working in Oils but has many works in Acrylics and Watercolors as well. One of his favorite topics is Jazz Musicians and enjoys jazz music while painting. In other works such as his Italian series he tries to capture the romance of Sicily and the timelessness of Mediterranean fishing villages. His newest series called “Rust Never Sleeps” examines the hidden beauty and metaphors he finds in old cars and trucks.

Some of Capasso's older work focused on his travels, especially to Italy where he loved to enjoy the local wine, a good cigar and painting the scenic landscapes in his unique style. His current work is loosely inspired by Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent and other American Realism painters from the early 20th Century. Capasso's work is more precisely focused on rural and small town America. His paintings hearken back to a simpler time when mainstreet was the hub of action and the local cinema wasn't just another strip mall. In his latest series "Rust Never Sleeps" he takes a journey back to the battered and dented cars and trucks of yesteryear. He explores the parallels between these classic and much loved machines and our own lives while we grow old gracefully. The hidden beauty in the rust, dents and broken windows of a well lived life.


BFA University of Hawaii (In Progress)
BSBA University of Phoenix
MAS Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University