Welcome to the Artist Portfolio of J.L. Williams "Capasso"

Enjoy the work of the Northwest's favorite small town artist. Capasso's current art is the culmination of over 45 years of painting and drawing experience. His journeys have taken him from a small midwestern town in Illinois to the farthest reaches of the -world. He currently lives and works in the beautiful town of Sandpoint, Idaho but has traveled extensively in exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. His art reflects the influences from these many diverse cultures and the rich experiences of his life.

Survival Auction

Our good friends at JKern Auction's will be doing an amazing auction in Naples, ID on Friday and Saturday, Nov 20 & 21 from 9 to 5 each day. You can call 208-920-3286 for details or follow the link below for more information. Capasso will be there Friday morning and there will be giclee prints for sale. If you are a Prepper, this is the auction for you!  JKERNAUCTIONGROUP.COM

Tachina Eva - Writer of the Paralleled Series

Capasso's daughter Tachina Eva is an accomplished writer who often contributes short stories about his work. A link to her work can be found here.
To view an example of her work, click here.


Have you ever passed an old junkyard and pondered the stories behind the rusting heaps of metal and glass? Was the worn out, weathered truck something of a shell or shadow left behind from the old farmer that used it every day of his working life to support his family. What about the battered family station wagon from the 50s? How many amazing vacations and adventures did it carry its family to? The mad rush to the hospital to bring a new child into the world or perhaps even death in a tragic last ride.

My work in this series starts with these thoughts and tries to go even deeper into the many metaphors between old and new, junk and treasure.  Growing old gracefully and retaining hidden beauty in the rust, dents and broken windows of a well lived life. The old cars and trucks symbolize the journey we all take, from the showroom to the junkyard! What remains are a thousand stories, countless layers of faded paint and hollow shells of our once proud frames.   

“There’s more to the picture than meets the eye…”
(Neil Young, My My, Hey, Hey (Out of the Blue), 1979)
My Hawaii collection was from our many years living on the island of Oahu. Over 24 years of memories of that tropical paradise. Beautiful hidden coves, majestic green mountains and the sunsets over the ocean.